In the interest of better service

Over the past few years I have come to view my cell phone as a burden. It rings and beeps constantly, so I decided that when I was with clients to switch it of and when I needed to put my head down and focus to switch it off. It has now developed into a device that I use when and if it is convenient for me. It no longer irritates me, it no longer interrupts me, it no longer creates anxiety – IT IS NO LONGER A BURDEN.

I am always contactable all the time via email and can access my account from any computer worldwide which I now do. When I’m at suppliers I quickly check mail and access priorities. And just to be clear it has not effected my earnings in any way – on the contrary my earnings have quadrupled over the past year.

I can offer my clients better service as I can give them my undivided attention. I am no longer harassed by:

  • PRIVATE NUMBERS from people wanting to ask about my private finance and needs
  • People calling me to tell me they sent me an email
  • SMS’s from companies offering “special deals” on products I do not require
  • Wrong numbers
  • and I do not have to pay the traffic fines for speeding around the place to find a place to stop so I can take the call before the person hangs up

I am yet to have a situation where a crisis was created because I do not have a cell phone so after a year of testing the system I have switched it off and packed it away. I look forward to reading your written word – as it was said “THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD”.


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    Running a successful business without being controlled by phones … The Production Person does it and so does Brian Currin Music / Brian, My Web Guy.

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